[ngw] Pushing GW 8.0.1HP Clients

Patrick Farrell pfarrell at packereng.com
Fri Apr 16 15:06:39 UTC 2010

Silly question but why not just extract the files and run the setup32.exe a setup.cfg file in the win32 folder?  I'm pretty sure I checked and you can still do that.

>>> "Mike Glass" <MGLASS at co.lewis-clark.mt.us> 4/15/2010 5:33 PM >>>
Steve, What are you using now to deploy the software, or are you still on Zen 7.

>>> "Steve Tucker" <stevet at rbf.com> 4/13/2010 3:43 PM >>>
While I was at Brainshare this year, I brought up the "slings and arrows" of installing the new client on windows machines... Of course, I had an issue with installing the new client via ZEN 7, using the grpwise.msi... some of the dll's did not get updated and the Teaming component did not work. Anyway, one of the techs at the GW client booth mentioned that the problem appeared to be a result of the grpwise.msi not referencing the other three msi files (sub installs) that are in the win32 install directory. I created three individual msi apps and then attached them to the grpwise.msi app as dependent apps. I used orca to modify the grpwise.msi app to hard code the install path to the c:\novell\groupwise path and to merge the mst file directly into the msi app.
Once I did this, the upgrades worked great and I have not had any issues since. Previously, I had used cleanit as well, but ever since I re-designed the installation, all the legacy dll's were removed correctly.
I do not know anything about Altiris, so this may not help you.

>>> Bill Conlee <bconlee at gmail.com> 4/13/2010 12:53 PM >>>
I was wondering how everyone is installing clients these days. We have most of our users on version 7.0.3 build 1294 (Windows XP). All the folks in IT are on GW 8.01 build 88138. I am preparing our package of GW 8.0.1HP Build 89145 for distribution and have had mixed success with a msi / mst install. Once I have something that is working well, it will be added to an Altiris task that will un-install 7.0.3 versions of the client (via msiexec /X), run CleanIT.exe, reboot and then install the latest 8.0.1HP client. 

I have seen on some machines if I use the msi and mst method I cannot manually uninstall the client from add remove programs. Not sure if I should abandon msi and go back to the setup.exe with setup.cfg file.

Thanks for any feedback.

Bill Conlee

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