[ngw] msvcr80.dll error

Dennie Jeanquart djeanquart at madison.k12.wi.us
Fri Apr 16 15:18:10 UTC 2010

Yep,  I did run the standalone GWcheck with DelDupFolders on her account and I still get the same error.  I will ask her if outlook is on her machine.  Our standard build does not have outlook installed so it should not but she may have installed it.

Thank You

>>> On 4/16/2010 at 10:01 AM, in message <4BC8438F.8920.002E.1 at mmc.org>, "Paul
Caron" <CARONP at mmc.org> wrote:
> Is Outlook on her original PC?
> One thread states: 
> My problem turned out to be fixed by running a gwcheck against the user and 
> using the DelDupeFolders option.
>>From what I can see, the problem was caused because somehow outlook was 
> started with the groupwise mapi profile selected and it inserted Calendar, 
> Journal, etc folders into the gw structure behind the scenes and notify was 
> trying to check those and throwing an exception. This is speculation.
> Give that a shot.
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> From: "Dennie Jeanquart" <djeanquart at madison.k12.wi.us>
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> Date: 4/16/2010 10:47 AM
> Subject: [ngw] msvcr80.dll error
> Hello,
> After 5 years of supporting Groupwise, I have never ran into this issue 
> before.  We are running GW 8.0.1 and I have a user who can log into any 
> Windows XP workstation on our network and get the same error message 
> referencing the msvcr80.dll   This happens if she tries to send or reply to 
> messages and when she checks the properties of a message.  She can however 
> use webaccess to send, reply, and check properties without incident.  I have 
> run the GWcheck Analyze/Fix database on the Structure and Index databases for 
> her account.  I have also applied the latest GW 8.0.1 hp1 patch.  If anyone 
> has run into this or has any ideas, I would greatly appreciate them sharing 
> with me.
> Thanks,
> Dennie
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