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Fri Apr 16 17:47:19 UTC 2010


I routinely migrate and upgrade at the same time, because I know how to do
it, and am not afraid of it.  All of my books tell people that it's best to
do them individually, but I always also tell folks that there are plenty of
people out there who can manage it all at once.  You are probably one of

On Wed, Apr 14, 2010 at 8:59 PM, Dan Sadaka <dan at web-site1.com> wrote:

>  Danita,
> We were early adopters of Linux, having been an SCO Unix shop mostly back
> then.  We even had that Nterprise product running for  a while (at least we
> tried).
> I did my first NW to Linux GW about 3 years ago.  We only have two NW
> installations left (one after this mig).  We're very comfortable on Linux.
> What I wanted to do was avoid installing something I was just going to move
> or immediately upgrade anyway.  Maybe I can't use the mig wiz, maybe I'd
> have to go with your dbcopy (manual) route as I did a while back, but I
> don't see why I can't dbcopy the gw data store (with proper switches of
> course) over to the Linux box and then install GW8 and upgrade the data
> store then.  That is, never install GW7 on Linux and never install GW8 on
> NW.
> I haven't read your latest guide--though I bought all the previous.  Do you
> address this scenario in it?
> TIA,
> Dan
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