[ngw] [OT] What other crazy things do folks do on the list?

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Interesting a great thread as I get caught up reading it.

For my part:
I use to do mountaineering, attempted climbs in S. America and Mt. Rainier.  For my training, I spent 9 days living on a glacier in Alaska outside the Denali (Mt. McKinley) Massif.  It was the first time I had also done alpine skiing. To add to it we had to carry our packs (80pounds) and be tied into rope teams of 3.  It was a good workout and some of my fondest moments in nature.

I did quite of bit of ice climbing as well which I love.  Getting the theme -cold weather.

I have hiked thru 4 pairs of a hiking boots from Colorado up through Alaska (not all at once of course). But find my 'hiking home' is Rocky Mtn. National where I never feel lost.

These days my adventures are more domestic.  Raising two children both under age 2 while trying to run a business.  Of course a great wife helps in this more than I can say.

And now -we all -the entire family- just got back to some form of basic service hotel (running water, beds, AC) in Thailand after spending 5 days in the Thailand countryside with family celebrating Songkran (Buddhist New Year).  40 degrees Celsius daily, no AC, very hot sun, very humid and little to no actual basic necessities as we might consider them.  Small village but wonderful people.  I call it peaceful and relaxing, for the most part.  The poor in the US are rich compared to many in Thailand and the world over. I learn every time to appreciate my life as it is, because it can be much more difficult.

Lastly the 'tourist' in me says: If you have never been to Thailand -come, enjoy- they are the best people in the world -the hospitality is beyond belief in my experiences.  Never mind the 'unrest' you may have heard about...we just work around it.  I have already been here during one coup -what's another in the scheme of things.  LOL.  Seriously though -wonderful country.  If you want a guided tour -contact me off list.  

Take Care.
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Thought I'd take this thread off-topic.

I DJ/emcee part time.  I've the usual weddings, anniversaries, graduations.  I've also done a few funerals (songs the family chooses that reminds them of their loved one).  

I carry the standard DJ music and the not-so-standard.  I carry a wide variety of authentic Hawaiian music (there's more than the legendary Don Ho's Tiny Bubbles) as well as Christian music.

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We should have a Facebook group for this!

In the fall, I'm a high school football referee - this will be my 20th season. I also played women's full-tackle football for a couple of seasons when I was well into my 40's. I wasn't very good compared to the 20- and 30-somethings and I ended my career with a blown ACL, but it was worth every bone-crunching, surgery-rehab'ing minute to have that experience, those memories, and some fine new enduring friendships.

Year-round, I train and compete in canine agility trials - 11 years and I'm training my third dog. Fun list trivia - stemming in part from her friendship with me through this list and Brainshare, our own Christel Powell started training her own dog a couple of years ago and is getting ready to compete!


>>> Randy Grein <randygrein at comcast.net> 04/10/2010 9:59 AM >>>

So, what other crazy things do people on the list do? I race motorcycles for the past 30 years (roadracing, think Le Mans) and wrestle in the veterans class. No, not that lame WWE nonsense, the real variety you can see at the Olympics, just older and slower. This was to be my year for the world championships but a pinched nerve needs correcting. (Non injury, arthritic growths impinging.) Next year for sure...

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