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I was in Thailand last year and had a great time.  Unfortunately all the civil unrest there with the red shirts is screwing up the tourism economy.

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This is actually my 5th trip to Thailand and this time we are here for 5 weeks.  The first 4 trips each had various lengths of time spent and every time the people have been wonderful.  I usually get out and travel to Wat's (Temples) to see, as each has a history or differing images and such.  

As for the heat, I have been to S. Texas -Austin -in high summer -its like that except hotter I think.  And there is no famous Texas BBQ.

I find in the US that Thailand gets a bad rap in the news.  I have had one bad experience in all my time and it was a taxi driver which I easily got past once I got out of the taxi.  The key is just understanding the culture and a willingness to forget your own culture while here.  Lots of smiling, simple greetings and you can go a long way.  

For those less inclined to venture alone -a guided trip is often good.  Hence, my suggestion that if it interests anyone -contact me off list -who better to show you the way.   LOL.

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I'll attest to all you've said.  I was there six years ago last December.  I went that time of year because I figured the temperature would be more bearable.  It wasn't any worse than Texas in early fall but, yes, the humidity was horrendous.  I needed to wash some articles of clothing in the sink at the hotel and it took days to dry.  

The people at the hotel were wonderful.  I, in my shyness when it comes to unfamiliar environments, tended to stay near he hotel but we did do one tour to the Golden Palace.  


>>>On 4/16/2010 at 10:12 PM, "Gregg A. Hinchman" <Gregg at HinchmanConsulting.com>
> And now -we all -the entire family- just got back to some form of basic 
> service hotel (running water, beds, AC) in Thailand after spending 5 days in 
> the Thailand countryside with family celebrating Songkran (Buddhist New 
> Year).  40 degrees Celsius daily, no AC, very hot sun, very humid and little 
> to no actual basic necessities as we might consider them.  Small village but 
> wonderful people.  I call it peaceful and relaxing, for the most part.  The 
> poor in the US are rich compared to many in Thailand and the world over. I 
> learn every time to appreciate my life as it is, because it can be much more 
> difficult.
> Lastly the 'tourist' in me says: If you have never been to Thailand -come, 
> enjoy- they are the best people in the world -the hospitality is beyond 
> belief in my experiences.  Never mind the 'unrest' you may have heard 
> about...we just work around it.  I have already been here during one coup 
> -what's another in the scheme of things.  LOL.  Seriously though -wonderful 
> country.  If you want a guided tour -contact me off list.

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