[ngw] 8BITMIME

Lilith Calbridge lilith at dcccd.edu
Mon Apr 19 16:44:10 UTC 2010

I got a new problem that popped up on me yesterday.  We have an IIS that relays on behalf of several internal hosts, including out library server.  I also have it set so that it sends copies me on undeliverable messages.  Yesterday I received one that wouldn't deliver to our GroupWise system because "Body type not supported by Remote Host."  
Looking this up it appears that the IIS server advertises that it supports 8BITMIME.  I would suppose that the library server would also have to support it.  Wikipedia says that GroupWise supports it.  So, is there something I need to set in GroupWise 'cause I don't see anything glaring that says "click here for 8BITMIME."
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