[ngw] 8BITMIME

Morris Blackham Morris.Blackham at messagingarchitects.com
Mon Apr 19 17:42:32 UTC 2010

OR,   could be that the error is from the library server (which is what?, GWIA?) to the IIS server and GWIA is not involved at all.   do the telnet thing to your IIS server as well.


>>> "Lilith Calbridge" <lilith at dcccd.edu> wrote:
> Which I don't have enabled, so I'm kinda stumped.  I certainly don't want to 
> turn if off.  The only solution I see in this case would be to disable it at 
> the IIS server which is an involved process and potentially dangerous if I 
> flick the wrong bit(s) off.  
> Thanks.
> Lil
>>>> On 4/19/2010 at 11:50 AM, "Morris Blackham" 
> <Morris.Blackham at messagingarchitects.com> wrote:
> The only way GWIA would not support or report it supporting 8bitmime is if 
> you have a /noesmtp switch enabled.

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