[ngw] 8BITMIME

Lilith Calbridge lilith at dcccd.edu
Mon Apr 19 20:27:43 UTC 2010

Actually we're a rah.edu but who's keeping track. :-)
Yes, it says it supports it so I'm having to think that there's a problem with the IIS.
I also did some checking and it appears that the library server is a sun, of which I know little.  I'm trying to get a hold of someone who handles that machine.
Thanks for you help.  It gave me some assurances.

>>> On 4/19/2010 at 12:38 PM, "Morris Blackham" <Morris.Blackham at messagingarchitects.com> wrote:

can you verify by telneting to GWIA,  port 25,  then enter

EHLO blah.com

see what ESMTP extensions are reported..


>>> "Lilith Calbridge" <lilith at dcccd.edu> wrote:
> Which I don't have enabled, so I'm kinda stumped.  I certainly don't want to 
> turn if off.  The only solution I see in this case would be to disable it at 
> the IIS server which is an involved process and potentially dangerous if I 
> flick the wrong bit(s) off.  
> Thanks.
> Lil
>>>> On 4/19/2010 at 11:50 AM, "Morris Blackham" 
> <Morris.Blackham at messagingarchitects.com> wrote:
> The only way GWIA would not support or report it supporting 8bitmime is if 
> you have a /noesmtp switch enabled.

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