[ngw] GroupWise Sent Items

Rhonda Richardson Rrichardson at kcumb.edu
Mon Apr 19 21:31:39 UTC 2010

I have a couple of oddities with one of my GroupWise users.  
In her sent items she has at least one item that when you look at the detail list of the sent items it reports that it was sent to one user, but it shows that it was opened twice (2 in the Opened column).  I have confirmed it reports this by looking at her sent items.  How is it possible to be opened by 2 people when it was only sent to 1 person.
The other issue, is on a different sent item.  When you look at the detail list of the sent items, it shows that it was sent to 4 people, 2 opened, 0 deleted.  When you look at the properties of the item, it shows the two have opened it, one replied (via an auto-reply rule).  However the person that replied via the auto-reply rule, also opened the item and replied to her.  Why would the fact that she read the message not show up in the properties of the message?  The 'style' for the properties is set to Advanced so it is showing all details.
Normally it seems this would not be a big deal, but this person happens to be a director and uses the status to know who she needs to follow up with on items she has sent.
We are running GroupWise 8.0.1 HP 1 on the server and she is running GroupWise 7.0.2 HP release date 7/10/2007.
Thanks for any input.
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