[ngw] GWMessenger on SLES 11?

Holly Newman Holly.Newman at KJMAIL.COM
Tue Apr 20 23:31:58 UTC 2010

Thanks, Rand. I was just going to ask about v2.1 - I spent an hour on Novell's website looking for it. Seems that some premature announcements might have been made:
So the main changes are the client integrations with Teaming, right? Nothing substantial in core client usage?

>>> Rand Babcock <randbabcock at gmail.com> 04/20/2010 4:19 PM >>>
Works fine. Just tested version 2.1 (in development) on SLES 11. Usual caveat's apply with ports, firewalls, etc...


.ps 2.1 is fairly representative of 2.04 on the server side.

On Tue, Apr 20, 2010 at 4:52 PM, Holly Newman <Holly.Newman at kjmail.com> wrote:

The GWMessenger documentation talks only about SLES 9 and 10. I'm assuming that is because SLES 11 didn't exist when it was last updated, but I want to be sure. Anybody have reason to believe it won't run just fine on SLES 11?


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