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I thought these were both interesting.

First -Google and its continue non-protection of privacy.


My opinion:
I am not a fan of the 'cloud' mentality because no one can protect a companies -let alone a persons data as well as the individual person or corporation -because they have 'skin' in the game.  And then there is the 'connection' issue.  When an organization jumps on the path to 'cloud' all data so they can eliminate IT -or much of it- they forget that in an outage of the Internet -they have lost all communication both to the outside world and between their own employees.  Now I know my opinion will sound like its old fashion but let me ask -have we ever had internet outages? Or, complete air traffic outages?  Thinking the unthinkable seems to be what takes place more often then not these days.  Consider back a few years when the Internet DNS servers had a 'hack' built into them that would have easily exposed us all. Or now - http://news.techworld.com/security/3218219/domain-registrars-lagging-behind-over-dnssec-security/?olo=rss .

Second -Mcafee -can you say 'Ooops!'

http://news.yahoo.com/s/ap/20100421/ap_on_hi_te/us_tec_mcafee_antivirus_flaw .

Limited Opinion here: You need AV but yet a company should do better testing before releasing.  You cannot tell me this could not have been caught in the lab long before release.

Just two interesting events.

Take Care.
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