[ngw] Google and Mcafee

Kevin Parris KPARRIS at ed.sc.gov
Thu Apr 22 14:08:59 UTC 2010

Back in the days when I was a FIDONET node SysOp, someone in Australia responded to a message I had posted.  The turnaround time was rather much more than two minutes, but it prompted me to compute the speed of a FIDONET message.  I looked up the air miles from the nearest-to-me US airport to Sydney, and compared the time of posting to the time of arrival on my system to get duration and came up with (a number I no longer remember) miles per hour.  Actually quite meaningless, but I did get a few good laughs out of the group for it.  Given that message transport at the time was mostly via dial-up hops from node to node, it was kindof impressive that we even had global interaction, much less intercontinental response times within 2 days.

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Dude I just sent this less than 2 mins. ago -from the otherside of the world -you are fast!!

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We were hit by the McAfee issue here. We'll see what happens when all of our machines get turned on tomorrow.

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I thought these were both interesting.

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