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Steve Bogdanski bogdansk at cvm.msu.edu
Fri Apr 23 16:27:39 UTC 2010

My big worry would be whether one Domain/MTA for all post offices would be a good idea, as all traffic would have to flow directly through it to any other PO.  

>>> On 4/23/2010 at 12:15 PM, "Alex Hargrove" <ahargrove at cgresd.net> wrote:

Hi all-

I have 6 separate schools districts, each with their own GW system consisting of:

- 1 Primary Domain
-- 1 or 2 POs
-- 1 GWIA
-- 1 WA

I'm working on a consolidation plan to collapse down to a 4 node OES2-Linux cluster and a single GW system consisting of:

- Primary Domain

-- Post Office Domain
--- 12 Post Offices (1 for staff + 1 for students * 6 districts)

-- GWIA Domain 1
--- GWIA1

-- GWIA Domain 2 
--- GWIA2 (Failover)

-- WA Domain 1 
--- WA1 (Inside Access Only)
--- WAWEB1 (Separate VM not part of cluster)

--WA Domain 2
---WA2 (Inside Access Only, Failover)
--- WAWEB2 (Separate VM not part of cluster)

--WA Domain 3
---WA3 (Outside Access Only)
--- WAWEB3 (Separate VM not part of cluster)

- The 4 cluster nodes are ESX VMs with 2 vCPUs and 4 GB RAM each.

- I have about 3500 staff and students combined that would potentially be using the system at various times throughout the day.  Students and most teachers get WebAccess only, office staff get full GW client (probably 100 office staff or less).

No one wants students or teachers from other districts in their System Addressbook... that's why I decided on separate POs since that will allow me to set everyone's visibility to PO level.

I'm thinking that I will run 4 POAs on each of the first 3 cluster nodes under normal operating conditions, leaving the last one free to migrate stuff onto if need be.  Is it wise to run this many POAs on one server at the same time?

Does this design seem sound to everyone?   Any and all comments and criticisms welcome.


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