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James Taylor James.Taylor at eastcobbgroup.com
Mon Apr 26 14:22:04 UTC 2010

Is the user running caching mode on the affected workstation?  If so, you can blow away the cache and repopulate it with fresh data.
If you need to point to a different archive location, you can do that from consoleone or by running the client on a different workstation to make the change.

James Taylor
The East Cobb Group, Inc.
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>>> "Dan Abernathy" <dabernathy at claytoncorp.com> 4/26/2010  10:15 AM >>> 
I have a weird client error on one of my users. When he opens GroupWise, he gets the following message:
"Need to convert older version of database to GroupWise 6"
The only response to the message is "OK", and upon clicking it, a conversion process starts - or at least, it attempts to start - and then the Win32 client crashes.
We're on GroupWise 8 + latest patches. Client workstation is Windows XP SP3 running the latest GW8 client. TID 7002048 indicates that this is an archive error, and describes a process for resolution that requires working inside the GroupWise client - changing to a new archive location, archiving one item from the mailbox to force creation of new user.db and ngwguard.db files, copy these to the borked archive's directory, run GWCheck over it, etc.
That would be fine if I were actually able to do any of it, but I can't. The client crashes immediately after acknowledging the error.
Running a GWCheck contents+index fix on the user produced only the usual "outdated notify actions" etc. We're able to access his account without problems on another computer, which suggests the problem is local to his laptop. Uninstalling and reinstalling the GroupWise client had no effect, it still complains about needing to convert to version 6 and then crashes when he presses OK.
Any thoughts?
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