[ngw] OT: Info World article on smart phone security

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Mon Apr 26 21:30:53 UTC 2010

I agree GroupWise does work.  We tried it briefly with IMAP but for other
reasons decided to buy NotifyLink.  We have the on-premise server.  There
are a couple of quirks but it works well for us.

The article seems a little negative about GroupWise and I can see how my
manager got the impression that the author is saying that GW doesn't work on
"Maybe Novell will finally get serious about mobile -- I know several big
customers poised to dump GroupWise if it doesn't."
"If you use Novell GroupWise or Google corporate Gmail, you're restricted to
Webmail access and have no ability to manage or secure the iPhone, even with
third-party mobile management tools."
"If you use Novell GroupWise, you're stuck with the Mobile Server product,
which uses the Nokia IntelliSync technology (discontinued in late 2008)
rather than EAS to manage devices; that means each device needs to have an
IntelliSync client installed, though Novell is no longer providing the
client. Effectively, this limits GroupWise to older Windows Mobile (5.0 and
2003) devices. As noted earlier, Novell is beta-testing an EAS-based
Mobile Server, which it expects to
*ship by 2011*."

I think there are a couple other little nuggets in there.  The info about
security measure and the chart are good info, though.

On Mon, Apr 26, 2010 at 4:21 PM, Joshua Pitlick <JPitlick at acog.org> wrote:

>  Peter,
> I didn't really get the same message as your manager from that article.
> While the iPhone does not currently integrate with GroupWise, it would be
> wrong to state that the iPhone does not work with GroupWise.  That will
> change as soon as Novell Data Synchronizer is released, which was mentioned
> in the article.  You can still get mail using POP or IMAP.  There are also
> various tricks for getting contacts and calendar items into the iPhone from
> GroupWise.
> How are your iPhone users getting their mail, calendar and contact into
> their phones now?
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> >>> PG <petim123 at gmail.com> 4/26/2010 5:01 PM >>>
> My manager forwarded this to me and wanted to know why the article says
> GroupWise doesn't work on iPhones when most of our managers get GroupWise
> email and pim to their iPhones. I explained to him the author is uninformed.
> Kind of long but your thoughts?
> http://www.infoworld.com/d/mobilize/how-say-yes-almost-any-smartphone-244?page=0,0
> Peter
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