[ngw] GroupWise information for this object does not exist -Top Down Rebuild?

Arto Schneider arto.schneider at edita.fi
Tue Apr 27 06:18:28 UTC 2010

Thanks Joe and Bruce,
These objects were created when C1 was connected to the Primary. Actually C1 was run from the server that holds primary domain.
I tried to synchronize one object while connected to secondary domain where the object exists but it did not help. This was done from Windows XP workstation with mapped conncetions to domains.
There are no pending operations and link configuration seems to be OK.
What is the correct way to perform rebuilds when C1 is run from the Linux servers? Do I need secondary domain directories mounted on the server where I run C1?

>>> Bruce.Perrin at lbb.state.tx.us 26.4.2010 18:03:43 >>>

Maybe do a synchronize first?

>>> Joe Acquisto <joe.acquisto at gmail.com> 4/26/2010 9:47 AM >>>
Before doing anything, check link configuration and for pending operations,
connected to all domains.

Where these objects created when C1 was connected to the Secondary?  Or
is that too far in the past to know?

If there are no pending operations and links "look good",  you might
try making a
backup of the primary and simply do a rebuild of the primary.

I may not have thought this thru completely, or fully understood your issue.

joe a.

On Mon, Apr 26, 2010 at 7:35 AM, Arto Schneider <arto.schneider at edita.fi> wrote:
> Hi,
> GroupWise 6.5 System with three domains on SLES9 and one post office on
> W2k3.
> There are six external entities and one resource and one distribution list
> that I can't manage with C1. Those objects are not in Primary Domain's
> database but are in the wphost.db and at least some of those objects are in
> the Secondary Domain's database.
> Seems like top down rebuild is the right solution here but top down
> rebuild will be remove these objects from wphost.db. I haven't done top down
> rebuild so I need advice on this matter.
> So I need to backup the user databases of those objects. After the rebuild
> those objects must recreated with the original FID and place the original
> user databases to the post office directory.
> When doing the rebuild of post office database can I point path to database
> to local directory of the server where I run ConsoleOne and then copy the
> new database to post office directory of W2k3-server?
> Any help would be greatly appreciated.
> Thank In Advance!
> Arto
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