[ngw] Structure check with Index check

Daniel Hunt DCHUNT at dncinc.com
Tue Apr 27 13:27:45 UTC 2010

When I go into ConsoleOne and run a Structure Check with an Index Check and also check the box to 'Fix Problems', I don't see in the resulting report where it says that it ran the Index check, either in the summary or further down in the report.  I just ran a Structure check by itself on my mailbox and then another structure check with 'Index Check' also selected.  The heading of both checks looks the same which is:
Novell GroupWise - GWCHKSRV - Version 8.0.1 
  Processed on Tuesday, April 27, 2010 - 8:52 am
Processing information for this run:
  Path to PO   = HQNWPO02/mail:\HQPO02
    Post Office= HQPO02
    User       = DCHUNT
  Action       = Analyze/Fix
  Files        = Message, User
  Verify       = Structure
    Fixup num  = All
  Verbose      = No
  Upd DiskSpace= No
  Output log   = HQNWPO02/mail:\HQPO02\wpcsout\chk\4bd6a5b2.ckl

GWCHECK user options analysis:
- options are consistent.

And looking farther down in the log where it shows that it first processes the Message database and then the User database, no where does it indicate that it is running an Index check.  Should I just assume that this is, in fact, being done?  
BTW the times for both checks are about the same.  In fact the original Structure Check without Index check selected took 59 seconds while the Structure check WITH Index Check selected only took 49 seconds!  Help on the GWCHECK page in C1 says that doing the Index Check could take a lot longer but that is not the case.
Anyone have any insight into this?

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