[ngw] Is it a good idea to re-create the user database?

Perry Lawless perry.lawless at nicholls.edu
Tue Apr 27 14:15:39 UTC 2010

We are running Groupwise 7 (1 post office, gwia, webaccess) on Netware  
6.5 and it has been solid  (Will be upgrading this summer with new  
hardware purchase).  Server has raid 5 internal sas drives with 2  
pools (sys, mail).  On saturday night there was a block error that  
shut down the mail pool. The error was "An error at block xxx has  
compromised volume integrity the pool is being deactivated". And of  
course it also shutdown the mail volume ("An error at block xxx has  
compromise volume integrity the volume is being deactivated').  The  
sys volume was unaffected so the server did not abend (but the mail  
volume was deactivated).  I remarked the groupwise agents in autoexec  
and rebooted the server.  Everything came up normally including the  
mail pool and mail volume.  I put my autoexec back and rebooted the  
server again to make sure it would load the agents correctly.   
Everything was fine.  I monitored the server for an hour or so to see  
if it would have any errors.  Everything looked ok.  I figured I  
dodged a bullet.

Well monday morning (this morning) I get a call that a user could not  
login.  His account looks fine in c1 so I try to send him an email.   
His email address was not in the system address book, so I run a  
gwcheck on his account and it says "user does not exists in this post  
office".  I checked my daily gwcheck log file from yesterday and I see  
there are 12 "Database userxxx.db in Store Catalog but not in Address  
Book".  At the end of the gwcheck log file, under Correctable  
conditions encountered, is "code 23 - Databases in Store Catalog, not  
in Address Book-12 count".   I check the other 11 accounts and they  
are missing from the system address book as well.  Can I run a gwcheck  
(re-create user database) on the 12 users?  I have never had to run  
this so it makes me a little nervous.  Is there a better way to get  
the users back?

Thanks in advance!

Perry Lawless
Assistant Director
University Computer Services

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