[ngw] Is it a good idea to re-create the user database?

Gert gwcheck at gmail.com
Tue Apr 27 19:18:46 UTC 2010

It is the last step to recover email for a user since it deletes folder
structure and all items go to the cabinet. Considered restoring a user .db
from backup?


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On Tue, Apr 27, 2010 at 4:15 PM, Perry Lawless
<perry.lawless at nicholls.edu>wrote:

> We are running Groupwise 7 (1 post office, gwia, webaccess) on Netware
> 6.5 and it has been solid  (Will be upgrading this summer with new
> hardware purchase).  Server has raid 5 internal sas drives with 2
> pools (sys, mail).  On saturday night there was a block error that
> shut down the mail pool. The error was "An error at block xxx has
> compromised volume integrity the pool is being deactivated". And of
> course it also shutdown the mail volume ("An error at block xxx has
> compromise volume integrity the volume is being deactivated').  The
> sys volume was unaffected so the server did not abend (but the mail
> volume was deactivated).  I remarked the groupwise agents in autoexec
> and rebooted the server.  Everything came up normally including the
> mail pool and mail volume.  I put my autoexec back and rebooted the
> server again to make sure it would load the agents correctly.
> Everything was fine.  I monitored the server for an hour or so to see
> if it would have any errors.  Everything looked ok.  I figured I
> dodged a bullet.
> Well monday morning (this morning) I get a call that a user could not
> login.  His account looks fine in c1 so I try to send him an email.
> His email address was not in the system address book, so I run a
> gwcheck on his account and it says "user does not exists in this post
> office".  I checked my daily gwcheck log file from yesterday and I see
> there are 12 "Database userxxx.db in Store Catalog but not in Address
> Book".  At the end of the gwcheck log file, under Correctable
> conditions encountered, is "code 23 - Databases in Store Catalog, not
> in Address Book-12 count".   I check the other 11 accounts and they
> are missing from the system address book as well.  Can I run a gwcheck
> (re-create user database) on the 12 users?  I have never had to run
> this so it makes me a little nervous.  Is there a better way to get
> the users back?
> Thanks in advance!
> Perry Lawless
> Assistant Director
> University Computer Services
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