[ngw] Auto response using noreply

Chad Griewahn Cgriewah at mitssupport.com
Tue Apr 27 20:09:42 UTC 2010

We have managers that want to start to put auto reply rules in place that ALWAYS reply to any and every inbound message.  Obviously this is not considered a good idea but we have been overridden by management and now must support this.  We do want to avoid possible loops of course and due to the way our multiple gateways and domains are configured, must do this with a GW rule.  For the rule to work as requested, it seems that we will need to enable the "Allow reply rules to loop" option. 

I am wondering if there is a better way...?  Has anybody else needed to support an always auto reply rule?  Should the auto reply rule say to be "from" a noreply type account we create in GW? 

Chad Griewahn
Infrastructure Engineer / Integrator 
Booth Newspapers
cgriewah at mitssupport.com

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