[ngw] Strange Webaccess 8 login issue (becoming widespread)

Matt Vincent Mattv at gators.uaa.ufl.edu
Thu Apr 29 14:50:32 UTC 2010

We had one user with this issue and are now up to at least 4.  Here is the scenario...

- A user enters username and password at login page
- On the server it shows that user login
- On their screen, it just stays on the login page and empties the password field

If you log them in again, it does the same thing and just shows another login on the server for that user.  When setting logging on the server to verbose, diagnostic, etc. it just show as if a normal user is logging in.  We have tried a validate, recover, and rebuild on the database that this sits on to no avail.  Please help Groupwise guru's!


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