[ngw] GMS 2.x is bullying my POA. What to do?

Thieu Hon TRAN k-ngwlist at thtran.de
Thu Apr 29 17:41:38 UTC 2010

Hello Jeff,
thank you. But my GMS-Server has about 40 GB free disk space. The 
Groupwise-server in our branch office has 146 GB available. The cause of 
my trouble is somewhere else ...

The Groupwise Monitor web-interface showed 6 total SOAP Threads and 1 
busy SOAP thread most of the time.
I didn't take look at the connection time of this thread.

Some minutes ago, I reduced the maximum number of SOAP threads for this 
POA from 10 to 4, then restartet the POA.
Now the total number of SOAP Threads is at 1, and none is busy. The cpu 
is at about 0%.

But maybe that's just because everybody has gone home now.
I'll have to wait until tomorrow to see if that helped.


Jeffrey Sessler wrote:
> I had a similar problem a few years ago and my problem turned out to 
> be a lack of free disk space on the GMS server. Logs had consumed all 
> free space, and GMS was in a loop trying to download the same messages 
> over and over.
> If you have the POA web interface configured, have a look at the soap 
> threads. In my case, the POA was showing all SOAP threads consumed 
> with extremely long connection times.

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