[ngw] Signatures with GW8

Robert MacNutt Robert.MacNutt at nghs.com
Thu Apr 29 20:18:27 UTC 2010

Hi, all.  Since upgrading our back-end to GW8, we've had several calls from people who say their signature has reverted back to one they used YEARS ago.  I looked into two of them, and found that they had SEVERAL signatures (all named "Novell Groupwise") - I deleted all but the one they wanted, and that fixed it - for a time.  Now one of them has called back saying hers has reverted back to a previous incarnation, but she only has the one now.  Two other folks just reported the same problem (don't know yet if they have multiples or not).  
These folks all use the full client, no webmail users.
Anyone know what might cause this?

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