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It sounds like maybe you haven't had a lot of experience with GroupWise prior to current versions. The Frequent Contacts book was never designed to be managed at all. That's what Personal Address Books are for. The intent was to gather addresses, and then copy them into Personal Address Books to be managed. In the old days, the FC book was a frequent cause of corruption, and the accepted response was to clear all the entries. Once people started using it to manage addresses, that was no longer possible.
I've been requesting enhancements for years to stop this behavior - among the proposals are an Admin-controlled Read-Only setting, a less appealing name (like SystemGenerated Address Book), a hidden setting, etc.

>>> "DeVern Gerber" <DeVern.Gerber at ccsdut.org> 4/30/2010 9:53 AM >>>
You didn't say if this rollout is a GW version upgrade or if you are converting from another mail system.  How do you propose to have your users manage their outside contacts?  When we moved to GW we imported the user's contacts from Outlook then deleted all their "internal" contacts-- users who were now in our GW system-- but left their external contacts intact.  We've just trained users to use the FC lists only for contacts *outside* the GW system and to depend upon the GW system address book for all their internal contacts.  If you've come up with a better system please share!  :^)


>>> On 4/30/2010 at 10:28 AM, "Holly Newman" <Holly.Newman at KJMAIL.COM> wrote:

> 3. Would anybody like to share words of wisdom on how to stop users from 
> using the Frequent Contacts book to manage their contacts?
> Holly

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