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Stop one POA on the 2 POA server when moving?


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On Mon, Feb 1, 2010 at 4:14 PM, Tony Bundy <tbundy at co.lucas.oh.us> wrote:

>  I started this crap, I know. OK. Iv had some performance/thread sticking
> issues on a newly upgraded post office. So I got the idea from this TID *
> (3394208)* to split the work up. All is well, for a few hours anyway. Then
> on a non related issue, I need to move a user. No big deal, the data in the
> users account didn't matter, but It wouldn't work. I moved from a single
> POA, to the 2 POA postoffice. Here is what I saw on the Message POA (no
> client server). I've
> *08:50:44 083 (Move.) Requesting User Data: PostMaster (kkr)
> 08:50:44 083 (Move.) Queue Live Deferred Retry Message (no thread
> available):
> 08:55:50 091 (Move.) Retrying user data request: PostMaster (kkr)
> 08:55:50 091 (Move.) Re-requesting User Data (491): PostMaster (kkr)
> 08:55:50 091 (Move.) Queue Live Deferred Retry Message (no thread
> available):*
> **
> Makes sense. I guess. but how do I do a move to this PO now? Reconfigure
> the PO during off hours?
> I have killed the move, and recreated the user, no big deal, but wouldn't
> want to try this with real user.
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