[ngw] IMAP cuts off at 9/9/09

Ron Bradley Ron.Bradley at snow.edu
Mon Feb 22 21:21:43 UTC 2010

>From what I have seen IMAP seems to timeout while scanning the mailbox
to determine which messages qualify for dload.   So you could have only
100 new but the 4,000 plus adds to scan time.

I recall running the IMAP commands ata prompt and you could see the
list building and then timing out on some messages as well.  So we
looked at message IDs (msgNum) and cleaned the problem message up in WXS
or client to get IMAP moving again.

>>> "Lilith Calbridge" <lilith at dcccd.edu> 2/17/2010 8:12:44 am >>>
But should not the IMAP client be requesting the most recent X number
messages, not from the beginning?

>>> On 2/16/2010 at 2:18 PM, "Mario Gingras" <Mario at laurentian.ca>

Here's another thing to check:
in ConsoleOne, go to the properties of the GWIA doing the IMAP for the
iPhone and look at the 'Maximum Number of Items to Read' under the
POP3/IMAP tab.  If it's higher than 0, the IMAP server will only send
the first X thousand of messages to the phone.  If the user has a
number of messages in her mailbox, she will never see all of her
messages.  The only solution is to either increase the value or clean
the mailbox.

P.S. I'm assuming that the user is connecting to 2 different IMAP
servers with different settings since Lil can see all of the messages
using a regular IMAP client.



>>> Danita Zanre <dzanre.ngwlist at gmail.com> 2/16/2010 3:02 pm >>>
So, just grasping at straws - but after you deleted that message did
you try
a structure then contents check on the user?


On Tue, Feb 16, 2010 at 12:42 PM, Lilith Calbridge <lilith at dcccd.edu>

>  I have a user who's IMAP to her iPhone cuts off at 9/9/09.  Nothing
> will come down to her iPhone.  I used her account info on my iPhone
and I
> get the same reaction.
> I configured a desktop IMAP client and it's able to get everything. 
> when I found the anomaly.  A message that was sorted in the 9/9/09
> frame but had a date on it of December 30, *1899*.  The message had
> content nor did the To: for From: fields.  I tried to find this in
> user's account and it simply didn't show up.  So I deleted the
message from
> the IMAP client, shut it down and reloaded to find the bogus message
did not
> show up now.  However, it didn't make any difference in the iPhone's
> to download more recent messages.
> It would seem that GroupWise is providing all the necessary
> including the bogus info, otherwise the desktop client wouldn't be
able to
> get it.  But the iPhone is likely treating the bogus message in such
a way
> as to indicate end of messages.  I've tried this from the GWIA and
from the
> POA.  No change.
> Any advice?
> Thanks,
> Lil
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