[ngw] Exchange to GroupWise!!

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Since its 20 users have you just considered using an Windows XP system with the converters -20 users would not take that long.  You did not say what version of Exchange either.

In the GW world, you can use the Outlook to look at GW8 data and then save it to PST -but I have not tested using an Outlook client on Exchange to PST, then use the same Outlook client and its PST to import into GW8. Always worth the test.

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From: Carol Ann Casciato<carolann at itcinc.com>
To:ngw at ngwlist.com
Date: 1/13/2011 6:22 AM
Subject: [ngw] Exchange to GroupWise!!
A client has acquired 20 users from another company. The users are on an Exchange system and I cannot make any changes to that system. The client is on GroupWise 802HP1. 

How can I move their Exchange data easily? I looked at the pst converters but they won't install on Windows 7 with the GW802HP1 client. Has anyone used the Novell or Advansys products with GW802? 

This conversion decision came after a discussion of whether to migrate their 500+ users to Exchange or the 20 users to GroupWise. How nice that they decided to stay with GroupWise. Unfortunately, politics makes it impossible for me to use anything that touches the precious Exchange servers.

Thanks in advance for any help.

Carol Ann
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