[ngw] OT - rsync

MBT Modern MBT at aprilaire.com
Sat Mar 5 20:02:25 UTC 2011

>>> On 3/5/2011 at 12:34 AM, Matt Weisberg <matt at weisberg.net> wrote:

> I think two different ways of using rsync were being discussed.  One is 
> using SSH, no daemon involved, which it appears is what the final solution 
> was.  

no - the final solution included sending from the source to the target daemon. And the solution was to use SSH keys - but nowhere in the documentation did it ever state that a non-ssh rsync would use the keys. Clearly they do.

>For that, you can use SSH keys.  However, it is generally a security 
> risk to have a general purpose key with no passphrase on it (which I think 
> had to be done so the job could be automated, correct?).  I certainly hope 
> Novell support raised that as a concern.  

they did not - and frankly on a private network link, I don't have any more concern than I do between servers in the same data center

>What I do when I do that is create 
> a separate key and I RESTRICT the commands that key can execute.  Still not 
> perfect, but safer then having a key with no passphrase that can simply shell 
> into the remote box.

it would be nice to know how to do that

> I'm a little late to the thread too, but FWIW, here is how you do it with 
> the daemon and with a password file:
> rsync -av --delete --password-file=/home/gwagents/rsync.pwd 
> /data/mail/po1/offiles/ gwagents at 

I did this, using this syntax, and two things happened: 1) it did not use the password file (ie it still prompted) AND the --delete option stopped working!

> Also, the password file (rsync.pwd) MUST have Owner ONLY read/write (600).  
> ANY other rights on it and rsync will REFUSE to use it for security reasons.

that is probably why mine did not work - I just touched the file, then used vi to put the password in - all the doc said was that the file must not be world readable ...

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