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Elbert LaGrew Elbert.LaGrew at katun.com
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Thanks for the update! Good Job!

>>> On 3/7/2011 at 12:34 PM, in message
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For gwha - We figured out the issue, with the help of a linux guru
here. There were 2 issues with it: 

1. The services file didn't have port 8400 configured, it had a
different entry for that port, so we commented that out and replaced
with gwha. 
2. gwha had an incorrect path. I overlooked this one, but I was
on it to have the correct one. 

I reported it to Novell support, maybe it's different on SLES 11 --
that's what were running it on?? 

Thanks all who responded... 

>>> "Mario Gingras" <Mario at laurentian.ca> 3/7/2011 8:51 AM >>>



I just went through all of this on my system...  here's my 'recipe'! 


Adding GWHA to a GW Server 
      1)      – create a local user called gwha and set a password 
(yast2 users) 
2)      If the server does not have a local domain, make sure that you
have a mount point to the domain 
3)      Run the GW install, install products, GroupWise Monitor 
4)      Click on Install Monitor Agent 
5)      Click on Configure Monitor Agent and point to the correct
6)      Modify /etc/init.d/grpwise-ma 
7)      Find the following line and change it to: 
#MA_OPTIONS="—hauser username --hapassword password  --hapoll 120" 
MA_OPTIONS="--hauser gwha --hapassword password... --hapoll 120” 
8)      Yast2 inetd 
9)      Click on Enable if it’s not turned on 
10)   Highlight gwha then click on Toggle Status  at the bottom right.

Gwha should be ON.  Click Finish 
11)   Rcgrpwise-ma restart 
***   In /etc/opt/novell/groupwise/gwha.conf, the agents should be in
the agent.domain format.  If not, it may cause the unused label to
appear when you do a rcgrpwise status.  Case sensitivity may also

I turn off the firewall on my GW servers so it's not an issue.  I'm
sure which ports gwha uses. 




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>>> "Robert Gyulasaryan" <rgyulasaryan at LASuperiorCourt.org> 3/7/2011
11:32 AM >>>

I configured gwha on the server, but it still won't work......I tried
"netstat -nl | grep 8400" to see if the gwha is lstening, and I don't
get anything back ? Any suggestions on how to get this thing rolling ?
For now I have the monitor running, and have it's domain on the same
server, and I was trying to get that to automatically restart.
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