[ngw] dbcopy mirror option

Keith Larson klarson at K12GROUP.NET
Tue Mar 8 12:28:17 UTC 2011

rsync can do the cleanup.

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>>> Gert <gert at gwcheck.com> 3/8/2011 3:55 AM >>>
IMO dbcopy is a one way command. It copies, and that 's all.


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On Tue, Mar 8, 2011 at 1:16 AM, Holly Newman <Holly.Newman at kjmail.com>wrote:

> Is there a dbcopy command line option to mirror, in other words, delete
> files on the target that no longer exist on the source? I see that it is
> clever enough to skip files that exist in both places and it can use the -i
> to limit what it looks at. But I don't see a way to have it clean up the
> target if, say, a routine purge task has been run on the source since the
> initial copy...
> While I have your attention, is there a way to bring up the GW console
> screen on Linux without stopping and restarting the agent? If not, what is
> the preferred way to see what is going on? Tail? Log files? Yes, I'll admit
> it, I'm having some Cworthy withdrawal...
> Thanks,
> Holly
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