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Douglas Smith drsmith at lumc.edu
Fri Mar 25 18:17:42 UTC 2011

I have run several rebuilds of the post office.   This is on NetWare 6.5SP8+.   The imap/soap/http ports are unchanged and look okay to me.    When I restart, it will work for a couple of minutes (not every time) and then go offline.
 - Doug. 

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Make sure you run a rebuild on the post office as it may not realize it has a new ip address.    Also, check things like log directories and imap/soap/http ports.   What OS are we talking about?   


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>>> "Douglas Smith" <drsmith at lumc.edu> 3/25/2011 11:03 AM >>>
Last night we moved a post office and domain from a failing server to a new server.   This domain has three other post offices which work find.   However, the post office on the server that was moved to the new server is offline.  

Web console shows one both queues are the new IP not the IP of the old post office (which is a secondary IP on the new server).   When ]I tried to change them they revert to the new IP. 

The post office worked for a while and then went offline.

Any suggestions?   (I have also opened a ticket and am waiting for a call back).


- Doug. 

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