[ngw] Rule Generated vacation message timeout question

Brian Pedranti bpedrant at hsph.harvard.edu
Thu Mar 31 13:30:54 UTC 2011

Hello all, 

We have a user that wants to set up a Vacation Rule that will send the "Vacation Message" once a day to every user. 
Currently, GroupWise 802 seems to generate the Vacation Message only once per user, until the rule goes away.  
I cannot determine a time out. It is longer than one week.  
So, the complaint is, remote users do not know or remember that she is out of the office if they do not receive 
consistent "Vacation Messages", at least once per week, but ideally, once per day.  

I cannot find this setting or "feature" documented anywhere. 
(It looks like version 7 added this feature to not reply to Every message) 

I rather not open a case with Novell over this, but our user is very insistent. 

Thanks all, 

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