[ngw] Somewhat OT - Another User's Folder Structure on BES

Lori Binner LBinner at JJKELLER.COM
Thu Mar 31 13:34:28 UTC 2011

Using BES 4.1.6.
When looking at 3 different users on our BES server under "Choose Folders for Redirection" it shows another user's name/mailbox that is no longer with our company for all these 3 users. The person showing under all 3 user's "Choose Folders for Redirection" has been gone for months and no longer has an account. She used to be the admin for these 3 people, so they probably did have proxy rights at one time to her and her to them.
This is very weird...I've already tried deleting one of these user's BES accts and recreating, but it still shows the admin's mailbox for her folder redirection in the BES.
Anyone else ever see this?

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