[ngw] A couple of GW2012 issues

Bruce Perrin Bruce.Perrin at lbb.state.tx.us
Thu Apr 5 20:10:05 UTC 2012

We are doing an internal BETA before rolling the client to our user base. So far, our test group has found 2 issues that I can duplicate in production and on a fresh test system.
Issue 1: All day appointment shows as free:
Background: We set our clients to "accept all day appointments sent to yourself as:"  "busy" (tools|options|calendar).
User clicks on "New Appt". The appointment defaults to "busy". But check the "All day event" box and it changes from "busy" to "free". Un-checking the "All day event" box changes the appointment back to "busy"
Issue 2: Duplicate appointments to a resource are accepted
Background: We use resources extensively . All of our resources have a rule that automatically declines an appointment sent to it if there is a scheduling conflict. These have been working properly for years.
User A creates an appointment and sends it to several users and a resource. Since there is no scheduling conflict, the appointment is accepted by the resource.
User A realized that user B was left off of the original appointment. User A opens the appointment, but cannot find the 'resend' option (it's gone in GW12- you use edit). Since user A did not pay attention, or ASK anyone how to modify an appointment, User A chooses "duplicate" in the actions menu.
User A adds user B to the recipient list and clicks "send" An appointment conflict pops up that there are scheduling conflicts,  and asks do you want to send anyway? User A clicks "yes".
Now everyone has a duplicate appointment at the same time (expected). The resource ALSO accepts the appointment- disregarding the conflicting appointments rule (not expected)
Our back end is all GW2012, and the test users are GW12 Shipping code.
Can anyone else recreate these?
Thanks in advance

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