[ngw] A couple of GW2012 issues

Kari Woolf kwoolf at novell.com
Thu Apr 5 22:13:28 UTC 2012

Hi, Bruce...
Thanks for posting this. I sent it to our testing team and got the information listed in blue below to share with you. Hope it helps...

>>> "Bruce Perrin" <Bruce.Perrin at lbb.state.tx.us> 4/5/2012 2:10 PM >>>
We are doing an internal BETA before rolling the client to our user base. So far, our test group has found 2 issues that I can duplicate in production and on a fresh test system.

Issue 1: All day appointment shows as free:
Background: We set our clients to "accept all day appointments sent to yourself as:"  "busy" (tools|options|calendar).

User clicks on "New Appt". The appointment defaults to "busy". But check the "All day event" box and it changes from "busy" to "free". Un-checking the "All day event" box changes the appointment back to "busy"

This is working as designed in that we default "All Day Events" to Free so that your "All-Day" events are not showing as "Busy" in a user's calendars and in busy search.  This is why we have the option mentioned to choose how to accept them in your own mailbox.  Although this changes in the appt creation, this is the status that will arrive in all recipients mailbox and if you send to yourself, it will be accepted as "Busy" as specified in your options in your calendar.  Most "All Day" events are sent for Information only (sender on vacation, out of office traveling, sick ) and are not intended to block out the entire day as busy for all recipients in their calendars.  For this reason, the default is set to Free on creation unless the sender specifically changes this before they send.

Issue 2: Duplicate appointments to a resource are accepted
Background: We use resources extensively . All of our resources have a rule that automatically declines an appointment sent to it if there is a scheduling conflict. These have been working properly for years.

User A creates an appointment and sends it to several users and a resource. Since there is no scheduling conflict, the appointment is accepted by the resource.

User A realized that user B was left off of the original appointment. User A opens the appointment, but cannot find the 'resend' option (it's gone in GW12- you use edit). Since user A did not pay attention, or ASK anyone how to modify an appointment, User A chooses "duplicate" in the actions menu.

User A adds user B to the recipient list and clicks "send" An appointment conflict pops up that there are scheduling conflicts,  and asks do you want to send anyway? User A clicks "yes".

Now everyone has a duplicate appointment at the same time (expected). The resource ALSO accepts the appointment- disregarding the conflicting appointments rule (not expected)
The best way to accomplish what the user was trying to do here would be to choose "Edit" and just add the new user that was originally left off the distribution list.  This will update all other recipients with the new user listed as well as the resource and if already accepted, those users will not have to re-accept the item (the new recipient will, of course, receive a new item).  Choosing "Duplicate" uses the current item as a template in creating a new Appt and since the new item is at the same time, it does not cause a conflict for the resource because it sees this item as the same item as already scheduled.  This is a minor bug that will be entered and prioritized.

Our back end is all GW2012, and the test users are GW12 Shipping code.

Can anyone else recreate these?

Thanks in advance

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