[ngw] Need help with WebAccess 2012 Issue

Sat Dec 1 20:50:19 UTC 2012

I just upgraded our second WebAccess server to 2012.  I took the webacc.cfg file from the first one and copied it to the second one.  When I tried to login, my browser just hung.  Eventually, I received 503 error that the content was not available.  I did everything imaginable to try to get this working.  The only difference between the two WebAccess servers is there location on our network.  We have two DMZs.  I thought that might have something to do with it, but it did not.  Finally, I edited my webacc.cfg file to only have the PO that I am a member configured for SOAP and DVA.  I was then able to login.  Originally, my PO was 55th in the list (which works fine on the other WebAccess server).  I have since readded all my other POs to the cfg file.
My concern is that users on higher numbered POs will have the same trouble logging in that I did.  Is there a timeout setting for how long the login process will search for the correct PO for a user before it gives up?  Not sure why both of my servers would be different except that I set the first one up and someone else set the second one up.  Both should have been installed with the same scripted disc that we used for all of our other servers.
Now that I have 2012 WebAccess installed and working, I can finally dump the GW 7 WebAccess that I was forced to keep running to support a rich interface for mobile devices.  That system consisted of an ancient NetWare server with a broken RAID 1 and a current SLES server.  I intend to use the latter to add a redundant WebAccess 2012 server to the DMZ with the aforementioned problem server.  That will also allow me to rebuild that server to my specification without affecting my users.
If anyone has any thoughts on my second paragraph, I would appreciate it.  Thanks.
Joshua Pitlick
Senior Network Engineer
Office of Information Technology
U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission

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