[ngw] bulk import of GW users

Joseph Acquisto joea at j4computers.com
Mon Dec 10 18:33:32 UTC 2012

I forgot.  No cost is a priority.    Can't ask John for freebies.  I still owe him a six pack of Sam Adams, anyway . . . 

I'm thinking I would just use the import wizard of C1, then do a membership add to the PO in question.  I was playing
with it to do the GW part too, using an exported user as a "template" for the LDIF but it was "not entirely successful" 
as a certain Star Trek-er once said.   Then I realized I had not edited the FID . . . I think just 
doing the eDir is safer.  

joe a.

>>> Lawrence Kearney <lawrence.kearney at earthlink.net> 12/10/12 1:08 PM >>>
JRB tools me thinks ...

-- lawrence

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>Wanting to bulk import GW users.   GW8. 
>Who does this now?  And how?   
>joe a.
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