[ngw] Android IMAP Groupwise and radical storage growth

Jeff Lay jlaynovl at gmail.com
Wed Dec 19 21:51:31 UTC 2012

Quick reply to Jeff's recommendation 1a above (about pressuring Novell to
fix the the 2GB/offiles issue in GW8):  Looking at the bug, it seems like
the plan is already in motion to port that back to GW8, but it just didn't
make the cutoff for 8.03 HP1.  I'm not authorized to make any official
pronouncement, but barring any issues discovered in GW8 testing, I would *
anticipate* that fix will be included in a future update to GroupWise 8.x

On Thu, Dec 13, 2012 at 5:33 PM, Jeffrey Sessler <Jeff at scrippscollege.edu>wrote:

> Lilith's program is super awesome (technical term). Between her
> application and the equally awesome one I got from Tim Malloy at cscc.edu,
> I was able to clean up the Android IMAP mess pretty quickly. Now I use the
> tools weekly to look for new Android users.
> Jeff
> >>> On Thursday, December 13, 2012 at 11:57 AM, in message <
> 50C9DEBA020000AE0016C81C at dscgwia1.dcccd.edu>, "Lilith Calbridge" <
> lilith at dcccd.edu> wrote:
> I'll share this with the list.  It's what I gave to Jeffrey a couple of
> weeks ago.  I haven't really documented the thing so I'll try to give the
> run down here.
> https://www.dropbox.com/s/qmxuiqxpaa8onlp/GWAnDetect.zip
> Unzip the file into a folder and run the exe.  Requires .NET 3.5 and will
> only run, as I figure it, on 32-bit machines.  GW must be installed.  This
> is a trusted app so you'll need to generate a TA name and password in the
> GroupWise system.  You'll be asked for the App name and password on entry
> but it will store them (in plain text at the moment) in a file for
> subsequent runs.  Developed and tested only on GW 8.
> Upper left text box is a Name completion box that can be used to build a
> list of accounts to either check or run against.  Clicking the Preview
> button places the account IDs into the box on the right.  This is the list
> of accounts it will check or run against.  You can simply dump a list of
> account IDs from another source in the right hand box if it speeds up the
> process for you.
> I recommend running without the "Clear Sent Folder" box checked first.
>  Click the "Generate" button to start.  What it will do is run through the
> list of accounts you have listed in the upper right text box and enumerate
> them as they finish in the text box at the bottom.  "Bad login" indicates
> disabled accounts or expired accounts.  If it finds a \Sent folder
> immediately under the root folder flag it and will also present a value for
> how many messages are in that folder so you can identify the problem
> accounts.
> When the run is through there will be a list of the accounts with /Sent
> folder appended to the first listing.  This listing can be modified and
> used to replace the original listing of accounts to test against.  You may
> want to use the list to touch base with the account owners to let them know
> what you're up to.
> Run the program again with the "Clear Sent Folder" box checked and the
> program will delete and purge the contents of any \Sent folder it finds.
>  It's not a speedy process since purging takes a bit of time but you can
> pretty much just put in the list of accounts and walk away, leaving it to
> run overnight.
> The purge process is a bit difficult to work with programmatically.  What
> I did was to track the change of Subject.  When the Subject changes I
> filter the Trash for the previous Subject and delete the trash items that
> are filtered.  Then I tackle deleting the next set of messages with the new
> Subject.  Most of the difficulty I had with this has to do with the large
> number of messages and some limits in the GW API, including some things
> that should have worked but didn't.
> The program will display whether it's in delete or purge mode and will
> also display the subject it's currently working on.
> There's often an error generated on leaving the program that indicates
> that there's something I should process/dispose of related to the multiuser
> nature of the trusted app but I haven't been able to get a response on some
> of my queries regarding the GW API.
> This should clear up accounts and a reduce check should shrink the size of
> the user databases.  But I don't know about clearing the blob file space
> other than GWCheck under the appropriate circumstances.
> Lil
> P.S. The text boxes are standard .NET issue.  I haven't implemented
> certain things, like Ctrl-A to highlight all text.
> Lil
> >>> Danita Zanre <dzanre.ngwlist at gmail.com> 12/13/2012 10:50 AM >>>
> Sometimes android devices get stuck "posting" a sent item into the sent
> items folder, and it gets duplicated thousands of times. The message only
> gets sent once. This is the IMAP "post" command to show the item in the
> sent items folder.
> The "fix" right now is to not allow android devices to do IMAP and make
> them do DataSync. I don't know if this is something Novell can fix in the
> IMAP code, or if this is an android problem in and of itself.
> Danita
> Sent from my iPhone
> On Dec 13, 2012, at 9:41 AM, "Ben Knorr" <bknorr at westminstercollege.edu>
> wrote:
> > I vaguely recall that there were some people on this list who have
> experienced incredible growth of data in their post offices that was
> eventually traced back to how certain Android devices do IMAP.
> >
> > I've got one post office that is growing at 10GB a week, and I'm adding
> 10GB or more each week. My linux Volume Group looks horrendous now and
> doling out more disks in VMware is getting interesting (I've got 6 disks on
> this box now).
> >
> > Any information as to how this is happening (or if I am completely off
> in my recollection of this Android/IMAP issue) or what is known about it
> and how to fix it would be greatly appreciated.
> >
> > We're on GW 8.0.3 103395 , SLES 11 x64, FWIW.
> >
> > -ben
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