[ngw] Migrate gw8 linux physical to gw8 linux physical, and upgrade to 2012

Paul Lamontagne plamontagne at novell.com
Sat Dec 22 16:51:28 UTC 2012

Yeah take my class...:-) We do a NetWare to SLES Migration..Actually doing it at BS I believe in one of the ATT classes..you can use the Migration Wizard..or do it manually...

or buy Danita's Migration books....(that way she buys  me a beer for every one I send her way...:-)

Tom,   seriously it's easy.even you can do it..:-) ...drop me a line and I can walk you through it...Danita's migration guide will help you out.

Hey All,

I have a friend....no really, I do!  Who wants to migrate his physical GW8 server to virtual, running an upgraded OS.  (Moving from 32 to 64 bit).  And then he wants to upgrade to GW2012.  

Is there at tool for that?  I think he can just move the directories and change the paths in C1, installing the agents, and Boom, it should work.  And then do the upgrade....

Is there any documentation for that?


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