[ngw] Error D124 in Calendar multi user list

Neil Carson carsonn at psac-afpc.com
Wed Sep 5 20:05:10 UTC 2012

We are Groupwise 8 SP2 on Netware
We have a GW Resource (lets says) call boardroom1 and it its owner is called user1.
User1 has given several other Users proxy access rights to boardroom1 and they see (or have access to it) in their Calendar Multi user list.
User1 has given Usernew 'read' proxy rights to appointments.
When we go into usernew's calendar and try to add boardroom1 we get 'D124 access denied'
We have googled and found some info or suggestions to have user1 remover the proxy rights of newuser and then re-add newuser to resolve the issue. We have tried this process a few times but keep getting the D124 error.
I have also found the below info in Google
I hesitate to try what is suggested in the above as I am not certain what "reset client options" (gwcheck) actually does to a resource. 
Does anyone know what exact effect this will have on the resource ? Does it remove rights to every gw user who has access to it ?
Thank you

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