[ngw] WebAccess 2012 user ID

David Gerisch DEGerisch at co.tulare.ca.us
Fri Sep 7 14:52:26 UTC 2012

Anyone have any configuration hints for WebAccess 2012 and using the friendly name for the user ID?

I have a training lab, where the eDirectory accounts are in the form of "ITTrainingAccount01", "ITTrainingAccount02", etc., but the GroupWise address book names are friendlier: "Atticus Phynch" and "Hannah Fontana", etc.

In our production WebAccess 8, my users can log in with the friendly name.  They can also log in as "gwdomain.postoffice.userid", if they want.

But in this training lab, the only form that works is "userid.postoffice.gwdomain".*

With the friendly name, WebAccess 2012 throws an error 951F.  The only search result I found was a reference to TLS and LDAP.  I'm not using LDAP here, that I know of.

We're supposed to train a whole bunch of people on WebAccess, and I would like to make the training system match the production system if I can.


*Note that this is in reversed order from what works in production.

David Gerisch

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