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My point is that it shouldn't be confused. That value is a perfectly good DNS name, it is in the registry, and it try that first. Only then should it go back to ngwnameserver and ngwnameserver2. So my question still stands - why isn't it pulling that from the registry into the Address field and trying that first?

>>> Lawrence Kearney <lawrence.kearney at earthlink.net> 9/7/2012 11:15 AM >>>
It is also my understanding that the last successful connection name/ip is used.

However unless something something has changed the "ngwnameserver-siteid" name wouldn't work. Its been my understanding and experience that GW is hardcoded to ask for ngwnameserver and ngwnameserver2 when confused ...

-- lawrence

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>In my experience, the GW client has always displayed the "last used" DNS name in the Online Address field when it starts. AFAIK, this value is held in the registry under HKCU(and HKU)\Software\Novell\GroupWise\Login Parameters\ TCP/IP Address\(Default) and saved after each successful login. And only when the saved address fails does it march through the ngwnameserver and ngwnameserver1 DNS entries to find the user's GW server. But recently I have noticed that the Address and Port fields are blank.
>And today, I discovered something more insidious. The post office known as ngwnameserver.domain.com was unavailable for a while, and NONE of our users could connect to any other post offices. I'm not sure I understand why. Shouldn't they have used the last successful DNS connection? (which is our case is ngwnameserver-<siteid>.domain.com? And shouldn't the last successful server connection be displayed in the Address field?

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