[ngw] Renamed Mailbox; Keep other employees from sending to this mailbox?

Thomas Justice Thomas.Justice at doc.state.nj.us
Tue Sep 11 12:01:54 UTC 2012

Rename the archive account so mail sent to the address will fail.  
Then users will have to use the address book to find the correct one. 

You may be able to work some magic w/ nicknames, but I don't use them
here, and have had them fail for internet addressing, so I'm not the
best to give you a course of action for that side of it.  But you may be
able to use a nickname to get the mail to the new account.

Tom Justice (Thomas.Justice at DOC.state.nj.us)
OIT Network Services (Email Admin)

>>> On 9/11/2012 at 7:12 AM, in message <504F1C82.7080101 at thtran.de>,
Thieu Hon
TRAN <k-ngwlist at thtran.de> wrote:
> Hello,
> I suspect a serious problem with a users mailbox, which I could not 
> resolve yet. I tried all sorts of GWCHECK-runs. Now the user has
> to start with a "fresh" mailbox.
> So renamed his mailbox from JohnDoe to JohnDoe-Archive and created a
> Mailbox JohnDoe.
> Unfortunately, the old JohnDoe was in the personal 
> Groupwise-address-books of some other employees and seemingly also on

> some personal distribution lists. These distribution-lists now point
> JohnDoe-Archive. But we want the new mails to go to "JohnDoe".
> Is it possible to remove "JohnDoe-Archive" from those personal 
> adress-books and distribution-lists?
> Or is there another method to keep those users from unintentionally 
> sending to "JohnDoe-Archive"?
> I'm reluctant to send a mass-mail to all Users in the company to ask

> them to remove "JohnDoe-Archive" from their adress-books and
> I also doubt that everybody will do what I ask of them. They're just
> busy doing ... whatever/dunno/theirOwnThäng.
> It's also pretty time consuming to explain to them what exactly to
> Best regards,
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