[ngw] One more try - forwarded messages outside of our system

Lilith Calbridge lilith at dcccd.edu
Tue Sep 11 14:25:21 UTC 2012

I asked this before a few weeks ago and I think the discussion got truncated.  So I'm going to ask once again before getting desperate and contacting Novell support.
We have a few people who are located on an outside Exchange system who have GroupWise accounts also.  Messages to their GroupWise accounts are flat forwarded to their Exchange accounts by way of a rule.  Sometimes, but not always, messages that are originally sent to several of our distribution lists end up mangled when they end up at the Exchange site.  Mind you, we've been able to reproduce this behavior when forwarded to GMail and Yahoo accounts so I'm not inclined to fault Exchange.
The message bodies show up with the latter portion of the expanded mailing list in the message body itself and any subsequent MIME formatting isn't rendered.  It appears as its text representation.  It looks like this is a matter of the message header size exceeding RFC limits but sometimes the "message info" only shows the unexpanded DL name.  And the header, if expanded, would normally have the recipient names followed by To:, From:, Subject:, etc. before it got to the MIME portion of the message.  That's now how it appears in the message body, however, when it's mangled.
At one time we had our GWIA expanding the distribution lists on outgoing and incoming.  We've changed that on outgoing to keep the list and we don't expand on incoming.  Here's the weird thing.  When I've had access to the senders' Sent Items I found that the message has a tab for "Message Source,"  something I've never seen on an outbound message.  My thinking was that a prior message had gotten routed back through our GWIA and expanded and that the list then became expanded in their Frequent Contacts.  In some cases the sender was either forwarding, replying to or re-sending, in modified form, a previous message that may have gotten routed back through the GWIA in expanded form.  However, on inquiring, the sender most often says that there's no copy of the DL in their Frequent Contacts nor did they evoke a previous message in any way.
So, I'm at a loss to explain it.  Perhaps someone here has some ideas..... please.  :)

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