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Thomas Justice Thomas.Justice at doc.state.nj.us
Wed Sep 12 15:40:16 UTC 2012

You can also build your own "stand alone" archive using the client, and some elements of the active PO.  
1. Restore the PO as setting to direct access, and low security.  REbuild the PO to a temp location.  (copy this rebuilt wphost.db to your archive location.  Then change the live system back.
2. Go into the user's mailbox and archive everything. Make sure you set the archive directory to where you want it!  (IE c:/mail)
3. Copy from the restored PO the following.  These files can be placed anywhere, and should retain the normal PO file structure, but only the following needs to be in it.
	a. wphost.db
	b. ngwguard.db
	c. ofuser\USERfid.DB where fid is the fid of the user
	d. the OFVIEWS\WIN directory and contents.
4. Now point the GroupWise client to this new setup (groupwise.exe /ph-<drive and directory> /@u=?), launch GroupWise, and open the archive.   (Point to the directory holding wphost.db, not where the archive sits, the user.db has the archive location stored in it.)

The "live" mail seen in the client cannot be opened as it's just the stub of the email, you need to "open archive", and all of that mail can be opened as normal.

Using this procedure you could create an archived client for each user leaving.  

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> Archive 2 Go, Advansys,
> Personal Discovery, Nexic,
> Yet you can also move the user to a personal PO and give them a GW system
> with one user ... in a VMWare box.
> Gert
> GWCheck.com
> On Wed, Sep 12, 2012 at 5:03 PM, Wim Dorsthorst-te <
> Wim.te.Dorsthorst at arnhem.nl> wrote:
>> An external party, whom we have hosted for 10 years, has left our
>> organisation.
>> They want to take the mail (app. 65 GB) with them, as a refererence, so
>> they can use it as an archive.
>> What's the best way to give them their wish?
>> They want everything preferably in 1 big archive (thats no problem to
>> create, the question is which solution can handle 65 GB in mail)
>> I was thinking something like the "Archive to go" solution by Advansys?
>> \
>> Wim
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