[ngw] calendar items automatically deleting/declining

Jim Gosney jgosney at genesco.com
Wed Sep 12 17:06:55 UTC 2012

We've got one user, an executive assistant, who spends her entire day
managing appointments for execs.  She has proxy rights to about a dozen
exec mailboxes.
Over the past few weeks, she's started noticing strange behavior with
calendar items.  It appears to be random at this point.
If she has an appointment on her calendar that she has scheduled with
others and she goes in to modify and do a resend, some of the
appointments will be declined by the end-user automatically without the
recipient ever knowing about it.
Also today, she sent a note to a person, the person opened the note in
their inbox and then moved it to a different folder.  When she moved it
to a different folder, it disappeared off of her calendar.  The sender
(the exec assistant) got back a "delete/decline" notice.  But when the
recipient restarted her groupwise, the note was back on the calendar.
I sent several test notes to the recipient duplicating the sender's
steps exactly but never had the issue.
Because our E.A. is getting back declines (and sometimes people
actually do decline invites), she never knows if the decline is
legitimate or if the system did it automatically without the end-user's
I've ran the usually GWcheck maintenance on this user's mailbox but no
errors are found so I'm out of ideas.
Any suggestions would be appreciated.
Jim Gosney
* Linux System Engineer
* Groupwise System Engineer
* Blackberry Enterprise Server Admin
* Mobility Server Admin
* CA-Servicedesk Admin
Genesco, Inc.
Nashville, TN

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