[ngw] OES2 hangs on shutdown or reboot

Joseph Acquisto joea at j4computers.com
Thu Sep 13 12:54:23 UTC 2012

Posting here as well as elsewhere:

I have this OES2 server that hangs on shutdown or reboot, when un mounting remote (ncp) volumes.   This happened on OES as well.

I created a script for /etc/init.d/halt.local that sniffs out and umounts these volumes.  Works great from the command line.

But, server hangs on reboot running /etc/init.d/halt.local.   

I can see this is after networking is shutdown.  At least after eth(n) are turned off.

So, I suspect, umount cannot make nice when it cannot speak to the remotes.  Like stuff I have read about
similar issues with NFS and other remote mounts.

Can I just sneak up the ladder of the shutdown sequence and run this script just before comms are (is ?) shutdown?  (That is not 
as straight forward as I initially thought, however.)

Or are there better solutions?

joe a

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