[ngw] Exit Key Received Problem

Mario Gingras Mario at laurentian.ca
Fri Sep 14 13:04:14 UTC 2012

Hi everyone,
We have been having problems with our POAs for a little while now and I can't figure out what is causing the problem.
We have one SLES 10 SP2 (i586 ) running GW 12.0.0 (01/17/2012).  Every so often, the POA will crash with a Exit Key Received error:
07:01:57 B4EF Exit Key Received: Exiting 07:01:57 B470 Accumulated POA Statistics Data 07:01:57 B470 Up Time: 3 Days 1 Hours 45 Minutes 07:01:57 B470 C/S Requests: 46586 07:01:57 B470 Client Caching Requests: 0 07:01:57 B470 Client Caching Primed: 0 07:01:57 B470 Message Processed: 12331 07:01:57 B470 Message Undelivered: 3 07:01:57 B470 GWCheck Requsts: 0 07:01:57 B470 SOAP Requests: 44184 07:01:57 B470 GWEvents: 44184 07:01:57 B470 Successful Documents Converted: 16861 07:01:57 B470 Unsuccessful Documents Converted: 300 07:01:57 B470 07:02:00 AFBF Processed OK 07:02:01 B445 Exiting GWPOA-GWEvent Reader 1 07:02:01 B470 Shutting down thread: GWSOAP-STD2-Listener 07:02:01 B470 Shutting down thread: GWHTTP-STD2-Listener 07:02:01 B470 Shutting down thread: GWTCP-STD2-Listener 07:02:01 B470 Shutting down thread: GWTCP-STD2-Dispatcher 07:02:01 B093 Exiting GWTCP-Listener 07:02:01 B017 Exiting GWHTTP-STD2-Listener 07:02:01 AF9E Exiting GWSOAP-STD2-Listener 07:02:01 B08B Exiting GWTCP-DispatcherThere are 3 POAs running on this same server and all 3 of them will crash but never together and never at the same time of day. Running 3 POAs on a server has never been a problem. Most of the connections are done via Webaccess and the server is never busy. We have others servers running one POA and they also have the same problem. The server is not set for auto-update,there is no anti-virus and the firewall is turned off, the backups are not running at that time, there is no maintenance happening, tons of disk space... basically the POA should be just handling requests and processing mail. When it does crash, the POA will stop and restart 2-3 times and then quit completely until restarted manually. High-availability kicks in but is not able to restart it so manual intervention is required.I have looked in the KB but the one article that I found didn't help me at all. Any ideas out there?? Thanks in advance. MarioLaurentian University

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