[ngw] Mail merge with GroupWise 8

Lidija Thompson-Ward Lidija.Thompson-Ward at macewan.ca
Fri Sep 14 15:36:26 UTC 2012

AdvanSys Formativ has a utility:  Import Microsoft Excel Data into an Address Book.  It's also free, I think.  We've used it with GW7, but not with GW8 yet.
Lidija Thompson
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>>> "Michael Mollard" <MollardM at mbc.qld.edu.au> September-14-12 12:04 AM >>>
We've had some success using Outlook as the email client, with the GW backend.  Outlook seems ok connecting to GW to send mail, as long as you don't use it for calendaring etc.
Install GW at the client.  Close GW client.
Open Outlook (2010?), you select the GW connection as the one to use.  The you use MS Word-> Outlook to do the mailout.

At least i think that's how we did it.


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>>> "Ian Blackwood" <Ian.Blackwood at golding.com.au> 14/09/2012 2:59 PM >>>

Trying to do a mail merge of an email with Excel as a list of addresses.

As we run GW8, I though maybe the "Use MS Word" as the editor may help make this work, but all the Word (2010) is greyed out in the email > Compose window.

Performing it directly from Word gives me the same results as GroupWise 7 TID 3145238 - works in text mode, but not HTML.

User doesn't care that MS didn't provide an API.

Workarounds ?

Any different in 2012 ?


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