[ngw] strange file ownership

Danita Zanre dzanre.ngwlist at gmail.com
Mon Sep 17 19:33:35 UTC 2012

The files were owned by build/users when it was created.  Since you don't
have a "build" user, it gave the file just something it could grant.

I've had a couple of instances lately where someone extracted the tar ball
on one server, and then copied the file structure to another - in those
instances, the install would not launch.  I did a chmod -R +x on the
entire structure to get the install to work.

It's not something I would lose sleep over.

Danita Zanre
I love my job and you can too!

On 9/17/12 1:11 PM, "Joseph Acquisto" <joea at j4computers.com> wrote:

>While updating to 8.0.2 hp3 (hold the applause, please) noticed the
>extracted files have odd owner and group.  Certain folders are
>"root/root", as expected.
>Most have "local_user/users".
>install worked OK, apparently (as root).  And all appears to be working.
> Properly.
>Listing the tarball shows an owner of "build/users" for many files.  We
>have no local user "build".
>I am just changing the extracted files to "root/root" for pretty listing
>sake and to mollify my sense of propriety.
>Is this another Duh/Doh moment?
>joe a.
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